MOYA TAKES YOUTH EMPOWERMENT TO ANOTHER LEVEL – as National Youth Service (NYS) signs an MOU with Teach For Sierra Leone (TFSL)

In his unrelenting strides to maximise opportunities for human capital development in Sierra Leone, the young and dynamic Minister of Youths Affairs, Hon. Mohamed Orman Bangura, today 23rd June 2020, supervised the signing of a memorandum of understanding between that National Youth Service and Teach For Sierra Leone to support the recruitment, training, placement and  capacity building support of 200 Youth Corps to serve as Teacher- Fellows in high need schools in underserved urban and rural communities in Sierra Leone.

Teach For Sierra Leone (TFSL) is a legally registered results-oriented leadership development NGO that recruits, selects, trains and develops Sierra Leone’s most promising future leaders from diverse academic backgrounds to commit at least two years to teaching in Sierra Leone’s under-served and low-income schools in rural communities. Informed by their experiences as teachers during the two-year fellowship, TFSL fellows graduate to become veteran educators, school leaders, policy makers, advocates and entrepreneurs with a lifelong commitment to challenging and ending systemic injustices and bringing meaningful change to the lives of children irrespective of their socio-economic status, geographical location, and gender. TFSL Alumni join a network of world-class leaders in diverse disciplines across the world challenging systemic injustices.

This partnership according to Minister Bangura, will empower and actively involve youths in a variety of productive activities to develop their full potential and self-esteem through approaches that enhance innovation and youth talent in both rural and urban areas. The Executive Director of NYS, Mohamed Onanah Jalloh believes that this partnership will promote youth participation in governance by providing newly qualified graduates with opportunities to obtain practical job experiences in the public and private sectors in the country. NYS operates within a framework that seeks to develop skills, knowledge and the ability to better transition into adulthood, while providing a vehicle for national development in different areas of deployment. This partnership will  a spirit of nationalism and patriotism among the youth population, thereby helping to eliminate prejudices about fellow citizens of Sierra Leone.

The Chief Executive Officer of TFSL, Josephine Mariagorretti Saidu, is excited about this partnership, and is of the view that working with strong partners like MOYA and NYS that are committed to empowering and changing the negative trajectories of youths in Sierra Leone, will enable TFSL to scale its impact by continuously growing the number of committed young people in education in Sierra Leone.


  1. This is a very good strive to the development of my country Sierra Leone, God bless the initiate and the pioneers for this huge project to be a dream come true. It a stepping stone for the educated and unemployed youths of our beloved country MAMA SALON

  2. Several opportunities(similar to TFSL) have been coming up in this country with a very good and heart pleasing news more especially for us (the poor) and begin journey very beautifully, but along the line, they just appeare to be no where to be found due to countless number of factors responsible ( the main ones are corruption and self interest)
    In that regards, how sure is it that, “TFSL” should not fall in the category of those (other initiatives/NGOs) that is seen today and disappear tomorrow because of the similar factors.

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