Q – How can I apply for the Teach for Sierra Leone Fellowship?

A – First register here. Once you’ve registered, you will receive a link in your email for the rest of the                     application. You will be asked to describe your academic and professional achievements and write three essays.

Q – How are applicants selected for the Teach For Sierra Leone Fellowship?

A – First register here. Once you’ve registered, you will receive a link in your email for the rest of the application. You will be asked to describe your academic and professional achievements and write three essays.

Q – What does the Teach For Sierra Leone Fellowship entail?

A – The Fellowship is a leadership development program for outstanding university graduates and professionals who are looking for a personal and professional challenge while working to end educational inequity in Sierra Leone. Fellows work full-time for two years as teachers in low-income primary schools in our placement districts. They also take weekly courses to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership, Planning, and Management through one of the Distance Learning Programmes offered by our partner universities, which will strengthen their understanding of the landscape of education in our country.

Q – Why should I be a Teach for Sierra Leone Fellow?

A – The Teach For Sierra Leone Fellowship is your opportunity to play a part in helping your country overcome one of its greatest challenges. As a full-time teacher, you will affect the lives of each and every one of your students. You will join an international network of Fellows who are leading this global movement, and be among the special few who are pioneering the movement in Sierra Leone. The Fellowship presents an intense, difficult, yet highly rewarding challenge that will help you develop and hone leadership, organisation, and communication skills – skills that will accelerate your growth in any career you subsequently choose to pursue.

Q – Why does the Teach For Sierra Leone Fellowship last for two years?

Teach For Sierra Leone is looking for leaders who are willing to commit to long-term change and have the tenacity to work hard in challenging situations – skills that top employers also value highly. The two-year commitment is necessary for the program to be truly transformational for you and your students. During the first year, you will refine your teaching skills and establish respect and trust within the school community. Laying this foundation will allow you to achieve academic gains for students and to successfully implement your end-of-year “Be A Change” project.

Q – Is it possible for a Fellow to teach for six months or one year?

A – No. The Teach For Sierra Leone Fellowship lasts for two years, and all participants are required to make a commitment to complete the full length of the program. Internship positions are available each year, for qualified individuals looking to contribute for shorter duration. Internship positions will be posted here as they become available.

Q – How does my experience as a Teach For Sierra Leone Fellow further my personal and professional development?

A – The Fellowship is designed to prepare you to excel in any field you choose, as the skills that Fellows will develop are all transferable. The level of challenge involved in completing the two year Fellowship makes it as effective – if not more effective than spending an equal amount of time in entry-level positions in most sectors. The Fellowship offers the following:

  • Opportunity to lead a global movement and bring about significant change
  • Professional ongoing training and support
  • Opportunities for networking and career development
  • International learning opportunities through the Teach For All network
  • Local and international graduate school tie-ups
  • Ever expanding network of corporate tie-ups

Q – Does the Fellowship experience really provide me with more opportunities to enhance my career in the future?

A – Yes. Excellent teachers employ the same skills as excellent leaders in any field. Spending two years managing a classroom will help Fellows develop leadership skills such as management, organisation, communication, and other skills that are valuable in any sector. Teach For Sierra Leone will work with Fellows throughout the two-year Fellowship to ensure that they take advantage of the experience to become extraordinary leaders.

Q – Where and what will I be teaching? Can I choose?

A – You will teach core subjects like English, mathematics and science in primary and secondary schools that serve disadvantaged children in our placement districts.

Q – What level of English must I have if I am a Fellow?

A – Fellows are required to be highly proficient in spoken and written English. Low-income schools lag furthest behind in English scores, and English language instruction is one of the main focal points of our work in these schools. In addition, the majority of training and support that Teach For Sierra Leone provides to Fellows will be in English.

Q – Will I be adequately trained before I start teaching?

A – Yes. Teach For Sierra Leone will administer extensive training to ensure that all Fellows have the knowledge and skills necessary to lead their students to significant academic gains in the classroom. Prior to beginning their teaching assignment, all Fellows will attend a mandatory six-week residential training. The institute is designed to help Fellows acquire essential teaching frameworks, curricula, and lesson planning skills. Fellows will student-teach and work with veteran teachers who will observe and coach them to improve their skills.

Teach For Sierra Leone also provides intensive one-on-one and group support to Fellows during the course of their Fellowship. In most cases, each Fellow will be placed with at least one other Fellow in their placement school. Teach For Sierra Leone will work to create spaces and opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration both within Teach For Sierra Leone and with other participants in partner programs across the Teach For All global network.

Q – How much will I be paid during the Fellowship?

A – Fellows will be given a monthly stipend throughout the placement period.

Q – If I can’t apply for the Fellowship now, can I apply at a later date?

A – Unfortunately you will have to wait for the next cycle as we only recruit once in a year.

Q – I don’t want to be a Fellow, but I want to help. What are other ways I can get involved?

There are several ways you can still get involved with the movement without becoming a Fellow. We have internships available for those who want to be directly involved in our Headquarter in Freetown, as well as Campus Ambassador programs that allow students to represent Teach for Sierra Leone on their college campuses. Check out our Careers page to complete an application or send us an email at info@teachforsieraleone.org to get more information.