Hon. Dominic J. Lavalie-Tshombe is the sitting Member of Parliament of Constituency 098 in Moyamba District. He is an Academic and a Community Worker who has served as Lecturer at Njala University, Councilor for Ward 285 Kamajei Chiefdom, Chairman, Budget and Finance Committee for the Moyamba District Council, Member of the National Constitution Review Committee at District Level, and Deputy Chairman of the Moyamba District Council.

Hon Dominic Tshombe (as he is commonly known), is the current Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Basic and Senior Secondary Education. He also serves on many relevant committees in parliament including: Legislative Committee, Human Rights Committee, SDGs Committee and NaCSA/NGOs Committee. He has passion for citizens welfare, quality and accessible meaningful education and poverty alleviation – the later being his motivation for embarking on mechanized agriculture to promote food sufficiency and sustainability.