After successful completion of the two-year leadership development fellowship, fellows are inducted into the TFSL Alumni Network—a pantheon of outstanding leaders. Our Alumni Network forms a new community of leaders – highly competent, passionate, socially conscious people, who share a powerful common experience in Sierra Leone’s low-income communities.

Our Alumni Network program equips these leaders with the inspiration, skills and understanding to remain engaged with our mission to tackle educational inequity, from both inside the classroom and beyond. To this end, during their two-year commitment, fellows receive training, support and networking opportunities designed to prepare them for leadership roles in a variety of fields. While some stay in schools, others go on to work in wider education or business, mentor students, or become school governors/trustees.

We create a support system that nurtures and grooms alumni who seek to start educational social enterprises to achieve our ultimate vision of expanding educational opportunities to all Sierra Leonean children.


Many of our alumni who decide to stay in teaching following their two-year commitment, provide a new pipeline of middle and senior leaders to schools, Sierra Leone’s Education Sector local and national offices, and the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education. We work closely with the directors of education to recruit TFSL Alumni for leadership positions in the education sector.

Our partnerships with top employers in the private and public sectors ensure that we know what organisations are looking for in their recruits, and they know how valuable TFSL is as a personal and professional development opportunity. The problem solving, communication, people management, and strategic planning skills developed in the classroom are sought after by employers in all fields.